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’tis the season for Rhubarb Roulade!

Rhubarbs have been sort of a mystery to me for years. Until now, I’d never cooked with rhubarbs, nor had I actually eaten rhubarb before last summer (a wonderful strawberry-rhubarb pie), but by the time I realized how good they were, the season had ended.  Luckily, the … Continue reading

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Choux Farci au Saumon (cabbage stuffed with salmon)

I wish the photo above was mine, but it isn’t. It’s from Haute Cuisine, the movie that inspired me to try and wing this dish. Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as this movie shot, but it did taste wonderful. … Continue reading

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Pan-Seared Scallops with Lemongrass Sauce

The recipe for this dish comes from Carlos’ French Restaurant in Highland Park, Chicago (now closed). The recipe is longer than it needs to be, IMO, so I’m just going to talk about how to make the lemongrass sauce. It’s … Continue reading

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Halibut with Crispy Potatoes, Risotto and Tarragon Sauce

I welcomed 2014 in an unceremonious fashion: on the couch in my jammies, sipping camomile tea, watching the 1978 classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Just me and my Tylenol. The movie was fitting because two days earlier I had … Continue reading

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Beef Wellington with Béarnaise Sauce

I’ve always loved the idea of Beef Wellington – lovely, tender beef wrapped in pastry. Seems ideal, doesn’t it? One problem: I don’t like mushrooms (one of the key ingredients). I’ve never liked them. They taste like dirt and they’re … Continue reading

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Wontons Stuffed with Salmon and Rosemary Pesto

These tiny stuffed wontons are great as an appetizer or a meal – I guess it depends on how many you eat! For anyone who hasn’t worked with wonton wrappers, they are sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery … Continue reading

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Sweet Pepper, Feta and Artichoke Tart

While most mothers were out letting someone else do the cooking this Mother’s Day, I opted to stay in and cook for my two boys. This lovely tart is simple and quick to make. The crust is slightly more delicate … Continue reading

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