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Almonds, butter and flakey puff pastry…  maybe food is love, after all? Pithiviers is a specialty in Pithviers in the Orleans region of France. Pronounced [pee-tee-VYAY], this treat is typically made from two layers of round, scalloped puff pastry filled with almond … Continue reading

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Classic Puff Pastry

This beautiful, flakey pastry dough melts in your mouth like butter. No surprise – it’s full of butter. It takes all day to make (mostly resting time) but it’s versatile and will keep for a week in the fridge. Use … Continue reading

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Orange Cheesecake

This is not your typical super-sweet cheesecake. This wonderfully delicate cheesecake has a light citrus flavor and, because of the Seville marmalade topping, is ever so slightly bitter.  10 oz (300g) pâte sablée (see dough category) 4 oranges 1 1/2 cups … Continue reading

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Is eating brioche worth driving 5 hours?

I don’t make a habit of writing much about my personal life – this blog is about cooking – but when I find good food (no, AMAZING food!) I feel obliged to share. I spent some time in Ashland, OR … Continue reading

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Tyropitas! Easy puff pastry filled with the goodness of CHEESE!

This is one of my favorite pastries to make because they’re simple and they freeze well. I usually make a batch of about 20 then wrap them in waxed paper in groups of 4. I put the small groups in … Continue reading

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