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Roasted Chicken Bouchées (aka: succulent roasted chicken in a flakey pastry cup!)

I’ve been a little distracted… I’ve been remiss in my food blogging, although I’ve been cooking up a storm! The good news on this end is that I’m no longer cooking just for me. I’m still in my tiny kitchen (which … Continue reading

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Anytime is the right time for Brioche!

Classic french brioche. Slightly sweet with a soft biscuit-like center and a crispy crust, it’s unlike any other dough. Of course, it’s also packed with butter and takes serious time to make. But that’s true of anything worth enjoying, isn’t it?  Love doesn’t … Continue reading

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Salmon en Croute with Parsnip and Apple Risotto

This particular Salmon en Croute is my own creation, and a variation on Michel Roux’s Salmon Coulibiac. Instead of using mushrooms and white rice, I’ve made risotto with roasted parsnips and apples. First, the brioche dough. 70 ml tepid milk 15 … Continue reading

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I watched a wonderful, French foodie movie for the second time recently, Haute Cuisine. It’s about President François Mitterrand’s personal chef, Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch, whom he hand-picked to create meals for himself and those closest to him. What a dream job. In … Continue reading

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Pains au Chocolat

Croissant dough takes, as my son would say, “a minute”. For those of us older than 40, “a minute” means serious time.  It’s not your everyday dough. Christmas breakfast calls for something special, though, so 3AM did not seem an … Continue reading

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Vol Au Vent, Feuilletés Aux Fruits De Mer

Oregon is an Eden for food lovers. In Portland, where I live, it seems on every corner there’s a Farmer’s Market bursting with the colors of the latest harvest. This weekend I found orange beets, glowing Meyer lemons, delicate watercress … Continue reading

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Beef Wellington with Béarnaise Sauce

I’ve always loved the idea of Beef Wellington – lovely, tender beef wrapped in pastry. Seems ideal, doesn’t it? One problem: I don’t like mushrooms (one of the key ingredients). I’ve never liked them. They taste like dirt and they’re … Continue reading

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Classic Tiramisù

Italian tiramisù (tirami sù) translates to “pick-me-up”, referring to the stimulating effects of the espresso soaked ladyfingers. Personally, I’m more interested in learning who came up with the name, “ladyfingers”. Tiramisù: 3 large eggs, separated 3/4 cups sugar 8 oz … Continue reading

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Almonds, butter and flakey puff pastry…  maybe food is love, after all? Pithiviers is a specialty in Pithviers in the Orleans region of France. Pronounced [pee-tee-VYAY], this treat is typically made from two layers of round, scalloped puff pastry filled with almond … Continue reading

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