About Gretacooks

Thanks for visiting GretaCooks! I’m Greta and I started my blog in 2013. It’s been nearly six years now and, whoa, how things have changed!!

Greta 2013

Me from 2013


When I started my blog, I was living in a tiny apartment and my two teenaged sons had just left home.  I was single, living alone and totally discouraged with internet dating! Long story short: I was bored, lonely and bordering on depression. Something had to change.

I’m an artist and, at the time, I was working full-time as a Public Art Administrator. While I loved curating exhibits for other artists’ work, I really missed making my own. I missed the thrill of creating! I didn’t have a studio at home (like I said, tiny apartment) so my kitchen became my studio and food became my medium.

Here’s my tiny apartment kitchen from 2014….


I’ve always loved the beautiful decadence of French pastry, so I started making it myself from cookbooks. It felt wonderful to be creating again! I’ve never had any kind of professional training – I’m just good at following directions – and I love to learn.  One issue I kept having is that many great cookbooks only offer one image! That can be frustrating for visual learners. So many times I wondered, “Am I doing this right?”.

From the start, the objective of GretaCooks has been to follow trusted recipes, share process shots of each step along the way, and create beautiful food. So I started creating (and photographing) beautiful, wonderfully delicious and decadent food!

Who’s Going to Eat all this Food?

I started taking food to the office and my co-workers loved and hated me for it. Most of my creations were rich French pastries and cakes… after awhile, everyone in the office had to start dieting.

…so I decided to make pies for the Maintenance guys who painted my exhibit walls. They painted a lot of walls so there were a lot of pies. After awhile, I became known as the Pie Lady. Cool.

I also started spending a bit more time with one of those super handy (and hunky!), pie loving maintenance guys…

In all, between 2013 and 2015, I created 56 blog posts! view the gallery.

Where’d the Blog Go?

I kind of fell off the web in 2015. My postings became less regular and then I disappeared altogether. Love will do that…

Wedding Day!

Instead of name-cards, I made these little avatar paper-dolls for all 50 of our wedding guests. Fun!

In 2016 I married my super-handy sweetheart, John. We bought a house (with a big kitchen!) and I started creating my own art again.

My mixed-media visual art: www.glatchford.com

G Latchford Letting Go of Shoulds

This mosaic is called “Letting Go of Shoulds”. It’s a mixed media piece (textiles and stained glass).


Now that things have settled down a bit, I’ve decided to get blogging! My goal is the same: to share step-by-step process images of challenging recipes for those of us who are visual learners….


John, Brisket and me

I hope you will join me in this continued food adventure! Click the follow button on the home page for email updates. You’ll receive a brief notification about once a month when I post a new recipe. I will never spam you or share your information.

Also, I LOVE to hear from other adventurous cooks, artists, or anyone challenging themselves to try something new!

Life is short. Eat well.  

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