About Gretacooks

Hi! I’m Greta Latchford. Welcome to my small (but not quite as tiny as the last one) kitchen!


Where is my kitchen?

Portland, Oregon! I’m not sure what compelled me to come to Oregon in 2005 since I’d never been here before. It was a leap of faith when my 11 year old son and I drove 2500 miles across the country towing everything that would fit in a U-Haul.

Someone once told me, “You already know how the story ends. It’s the same for everyone – you die.” Blunt, but profound. There’s  freedom in embracing that. You begin to open to your “crazy” dreams with, “Why the hell not?!” Where we lived before just never quite fit, so we tried something new.

At first, moving to a place so different from where we came from was very exciting. We explored the city, the “other ocean”, the rivers… everything!


I began taking photos of all my new favorite things… farmer’s markets, beautiful old architecture juxtaposed against the new – and, especially, the food!

Portland is a food & wine Mecca!


Portland Farmer’s Market at PSU


Portland Farmer’s Market at PSU

Why I Blog

The abundance of fresh food in this region inspired me to cook…and, to my surprise, I was pretty good at it! I don’t believe I have any superpower cooking skills. I’ve always just been good at following directions. With a Powell’s Bookstore on nearly every corner, inspiring cookbooks were easy to find.

My weakness has always been pastry, and I love a challenge. I set out to create French pastry, breads and elaborate desserts.

Some of the recipes I found, however, were difficult to follow. I’m a visual learner and there were few, if any, photos. Sometimes I wasn’t sure I was doing it right.

To share what I’d learned (and help myself remember), I decided to take photos of each step in the recipes then publish my trial and error cooking adventures in a blog. That’s how Gretacooks was born!

Follow GretaCooks!

I hope you’ll come along on my cooking adventure and learn with me. Click the follow button on the home page for email updates! You’ll receive a brief notification whenever a new delicious recipe is posted.

Cooking and eating well doesn’t take a lot of money or training- just time, creativity and a little bravery! Since you already know how the story ends, shouldn’t you eat well along the way?

Happy baking!



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