Hi, I’m Greta.

My love of French pastry inspired me to begin teaching myself to bake in 2013. I created this blog as a step-by-step guide for others also wanting to learn and experiment.

It’s 2022 and I’m still baking but now I live totally off-grid with my husband and 2 dogs on a farm in the middle of nowhere. We grow our own food, raise chickens, produce our own power from solar and wind, and get our water from a well. We grow lots of fresh vegetables in our field and greenhouses, and we even have a small orchard.

Growing our own food has inspired me to try and cook only foods that are in season. I also do a lot of canning and food preservation since, where we live, it snows from October to May! Next on my list is learning to make cheese and deciding whether we’ll be adding a cow, sheep or goats to the farm…

Follow our off-grid adventures at www.loveoffgrid.com

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